new tools for complex data capture.

The program of work outlined above requires the accurate measurement of multiple complex social and contextual phenomena. However, this is a new and burgeoning area with few established tools or solutions – therefore, a significant part of my research program has been in the development of innovative methods for the capture and utilization of rich data that is relevant to health. One primary example of this work is serving as Co-I and Co-Lead of the Network Science Data Core of U01DA036939, in which I led the development and implementation of an innovative touch-screen network data capture tool. This tool providing my team the most complete empirical observations of social, sexual, and drug network connections ever captured. I am senior author on a recent validation of this software tool that appears in the highly selective Proceedings of the ACM CHI Conference on Human Computer Interaction. This software tool – Network Canvas – has generated great enthusiasm from the big data, network science, and HIV communities, which led to the recently funded R01DA042711 (Dual PIs: Birkett & Phillips).  This project brings together an extraordinary team to extend and harden our software’s existing capabilities, and build a standalone software suite. Furthermore, our work has extreme potential to push the entire field of applied network research forward by allowing social and behavioral researchers access to a user-friendly, generalizable, and customizable tool that facilitates the efficient capture, storage, monitoring, and export of complex multilevel, network, longitudinal, geospatial, contextual, and behavioral data. A tool such as this is highly innovative and simply does not yet exist. Please see for more information.