…in which I am the principal investigator

        • Network Canvas (R01DA042711; 2016-2021)
          netCanvas: Development, Hardening, and Dissemination of a Software Suite for the Collection of Complex Network and Contextual Data in HIV and Drug Research
          This project builds upon our prior work to develop and sustain a standalone
          software suite that will simplify the process of collecting complex data, allowing
          researchers to assess more nuanced associations between contextual factors and
          the spread of infectious disease and respond to these findings in near real time.
          Dual PIs: Drs. Michelle Birkett & Gregory Phillips II
          Co-Investigators: Dr. Patrick Janulis, Noshir Contractor, Bernie Hogan, and Michael Bass
          Lead Developer: Joshua Melville
          Total Costs: $3,012,132
        • LYNC (R03DA033906; 2012-2015 NCE)  
          The Development and Analysis of a Macro-Network of Vulnerable Young Men
          This AIDS-Science Track Award for research transition provided unique epidemiological data on the acquisition and transmission of HIV among the drug, sexual, and social networks of YMSM by the creation and examination of a macronetwork of YMSM.
          Co-Investigator: Drs. Brian Mustanski
          Consultant: Stephen W. Muth
          Analyst: Dr. Yun Huang
          Research Assistant: Beatriz Menendez
          Total Costs: $302,820
  • Online Social Networks & Project Q2 (SPAN Faculty Funds; 2013-2014)
    Understanding the social context of online relationships for LGBT youth, and implications for intervention.
    This study funded the Wave 9 data collection of Project Q2 – the longest running longitudinal cohort study of LGBT youth. Added to this wave was a module in which participants interacted with visualizations of their Facebook network data and provided both qualitative and quantitative ratings of peer groups.
    Co-Investigator: Drs. Brian Mustanski
    Project Coordinator: Antonia Clifford
    Data Manager: Katie Andrews
    Research Assistant: Elizabeth McConnell
    Other Collaborators: Dr. Bernie Hogan & Joshua Melville
    Total Costs: $50,000

…in which I am a co-investigator or mentor.

2016 – 2021 Co-Investigator, NIH/NIAAA, 1R01AA024409-01A1.
Role of Alcohol Disparities in HIV Risk among Sexual Minority Youth.
PI: Gregory Phillips II, Ph.D.
This grant seeks to assess alcohol use disparities between sexual minority youth (SMY) and heterosexual peers, and identify the impact of state policies and social have on health outcomes of SMY versus heterosexual peers.
Total Costs: $1,581,873

2016-2019 Faculty Sponsor, NIH Grant 1F31DA040524-01
Race-related Social Contextual Factors, Substance Use, and HIV
PI: Elizabeth McConnell
This mixed-methods project will examine how networks, venues, and
neighborhoods function as risk environments for YMSM of different racial groups as well as structural mechanisms that shape racial differences in risk environments.
Total Costs: $130,728

2016 – 2021 Co-Investigator, Ce-PIM, P30DA027828
Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology for Drug Abuse & HIV.
This application is for a competing renewal of the Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology for HIV and Drug Abuse, a NIDA P30 Center of Excellence. This methods proposal addresses this major gap between research and practice through implementation science and methodology, focusing on innovative ways to address the complex, mulitilevel interactions needed to implement HIV prevention programs effectively.
PIs: Hendricks Brown, Ph.D. & Brian Mustanski, Ph.D.
Total Costs: $900,858

2015 – 2016 Co-Investigator of Supplement, Ce-PIM, P30DA027828.
Center for Prevention Implementation Methods for Drug Abuse & Sex Risk Behavior.
PI: Hendricks Brown, Ph.D.
This supplement seeks to examine the feasibility of performing integrative data analysis of large scale prevention trials to examine the extent to which sexual minority youth benefit from programs relative to heterosexual youth.
Total costs: $94,078.

2015-2016 Mentor, CFAR Supplement
Improving Surveillance of HIV among YMSM to Target Microepidemics
PI: Gregory Phillips II, Ph.D.
I serve as a mentor to Dr. Gregory Phillips on his project which aims to
complement existing HIV surveillance and better target prevention to improve
understanding of the multilevel social and structural drivers of HIV transmission
Total Costs: $ 152,239

2014-2019 Co-Investigator and Co-Lead of the Network Science Section, NIH/NIDA Grant 1U01DA036939
Multilevel Influences on HIV and Substance use in a YMSM Cohort.
PI: Brian Mustanski, Ph.D.
I am Co-Leading the Network Science Section with Dr. Noshir Contractor. This grant establishes a longitudinal, dynamic, dyadic, network study of young MSM to identify multilevel risk factors for HIV infection and forward transmission. Total costs: $8,697,386

2013-2014 Co-Investigator, Northwestern University Alliance for Research in
Chicagoland Communities Seed Grant Award
Evaluating Community-Level HIV Prevention Using a Social Networks Approach
PIs: George Greene, Ph.D. & Dianna Manjarrez, MPH
This proposal aims to: (1) identify and describe the structure of the social networks of Mpowerment Project participants (n=120); and (2) assess the degree and processes through which HIV preventive messages are disseminated through their social networks.
Total Costs: $50,000